Campground Rates

Resort Membership
$TBD One Time Fee
$320 Annual Dues
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$TBD + Metered Electric
Due Annually

Non-Seasonal Members
$TBD per night
Electric Fee
Guest Lot / Open Camping  $TBD per night
Load of Wood     $TBD
Additional Tent  
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Robin’s Nest $TBD per night Sleeps 4
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Bear Den and Deer Run $TBD  per night Sleeps 8
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Leisure Lodge $TBD per night Sleeps 4
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Turkey Roost $TBD per night Sleeps 8-10
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*All prices subject to change.


General Policies

  • ALL members and ALL guests of members MUST register before going to a campsite. If not registered before setting up camp, a registered member will take priority for the site. Guest will not be allowed to stay.
  • Members are responsible legally and financially for the actions of their guests, family, children, and pets. Members will be charged for damages and will not be allowed to use the park until all damages are paid in full.
  • Juveniles (under 18 years) will be at their campsite by 10 p.m. unless there is prior authorization or parents are in attendance. Juveniles may be restricted to campsite for violation of this rule.
  • NO trees or vegetation may be cut, broken, pulled, or removed from Timberlake property, campsite, or seasonal sites without permission from Management of Staff. To do so is grounds for loss of seasonal site privilege, membership, or both. You will be billed for triple damages as provided for under State of Michigan law and not be allowed use of park until paid in full. Bringing in wood for campfires outside of the local area is DANGEROUS to the woods here at Timberlake. Bringing in wood is prohibited
  • Abuse of ANY animal on Timberlake property is prohibited. If caught, you, your children, or guest will be restricted to your site or must leave the Timberlake property.
  • The discharging of ANY firearm or weapon (includes slingshots and BB guns) within 450 feet of any building, campsite, occupied area, across or on a NF road or body of water is prohibited. You must take the weapon home or leave the Timberlake property.
  • No garbage or refuse of any kind may be thrown into any lake, pond, steam, or wooded areas. If caught you, your children, or guests will be restricted to your site.
  • Fires are allowed in fire rings only and must be extinguished when you retire for the night and before leaving the campsite to go home. NO fires are allowed at the beach.
  • Swimming is NOT allowed in the fishing pond, Cranberry Lake.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult when using the lake areas, including the beach and pool.
  • NO pets other than a service dog are allowed at the beach, pool, pavilion, clubhouse, or Office. No dogs may be walked across any campsite other than your own. Pets must be on a short 6 ft. leash when outside the RV. Under NO circumstances can a dog be left to roam free, unleashed. Barking dogs must be removed from the campground. ANY dog not leashed while outside the camping unit will be banned from the property. No dogs may be left unattended at the campsite or camping unit, when you plan to be gone for the day. It is unfair to the dog and is considered animal cruelty. If you do no clean up after your dog(s) it will be confined to your site. Unattended animals will be taken to a kennel at dog owner’s expense.
  • Carrying and drinking alcoholic beverages from containers in the general resort area is prohibited. You may carry individual drinks in can cooler, can wrap, or non-see thru glass. Otherwise, alcoholic beverages must be consumed at the individual campsites.
  • NO vehicle repair or major mechanical repairs that cannot be completed in ½ hour are allowed at the campsite.
  • No idling, revving, tuning of performance engines is allowed. When stopping at a campsite to visit friends, as courtesy to the neighbors, please turn all vehicles off.
  • NO fireworks are allowed on Timberlake property, this includes the beach area. If anyone violates this rule, it is grounds for revocation of membership and or seasonal privileges. You will be asked to leave the park immediately.
  • NO glass containers are allowed on the beach or pool area, for obvious reasons.
  • Quiet hours are 11 pm to 9 am.
  • NO four-wheelers, quads, razors, odyssey, dirt bikes, etc. are allowed to be driven on any Timberlake property. If you bring them in on a trailer to be used on the dunes, they are to remain on the trailers as long as they are on Timberlake property. Violation will result in you being asked to remove them from Timberlake property and or you will be asked to leave.
  • NO WOOD can be brought in from outside of Timberlake Resort.
  • NO WOOD orders after 7:00pm to give us time to deliver orders before dark, No wood delivered after dark.

Guest Policies

  • Guest of members will be only when the member is present. Each guest will receive a guest pass. Any guest not in possession of their pass will not be allowed access unless member pre-registers the guest at the Timberlake office. Member will notify the office of name and address of guest, date, and approximate time of arrival and date of departure. In case of late arrival advance notice must be given the office.
  • At NO time will the guest of a member of Timberlake be allowed to invite guests to Timberlake Resort. If this should occur, both the guest and their guest must leave immediately.
  • Only one (1) guest vehicle is allowed per site. Parking is available in the overflow lot. If this is not followed, the guest must leave the property.
  • If guest use an additional campsite, they will be required to pay the current campsite fees. Please check with the Office for the current camping rates.
  • Only one unit is allowed per campsite, unless it is a major holiday (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day) or during special activities. There will be a charge for guest units on the same site as member. Please check with the Office for the current camping rates.
  • Guest will not be allowed access before the member is present.
  • Guest may not store any item on Timberlake property beyond their visitation time.
  • All guests must register with the Timberlake Office prior to entry into the Resort. If anticipated late arrival, then Guest must pre-register with the Office and pay all fees in full. Pre-registered Guests will be given a gate key code at that time.
  • Guests will not be allowed entry into Timberlake Resort after Office Hours unless the Guest pre-registered.
  • Day Guests
    • Adults (18 & older): $2
    • Children: Free
  • Overnight Guest (Staying with a Member in Member unit)
    • Adults (18 & older): $5
    • Children: Free
    • Guest will be given a temporary gate code to be used during their stay.
  • Guest Lots/Site Fee
    • The site fee covers 2 adults and their minor children: $35 per night
    • Extra adults, children, and/or camping units are an additional charge.
    • Site occupancy is one camping unit and two vehicles. No more than a total of 8 people per lot/site.

Camping Policies

  • Members not in good standing (current on all maintenance and seasonal fees) will not be allowed entrance to Timberlake Resort property. If payment arrangements have been made in advance of use of site and payments current, use will be allowed.
  • Members are to occupy one (1) campsite only. Sites are filled on a first come, first served basis. Although the Resort can guarantee space, there is no reservation by site number. The limit for people camping on one campsite is eight (8).
  • Parking must be in the drive for the site and not on the grass, roadway, or other campsites whether the campsites is empty or not. Only 2 vehicles per site. There is parking available for extra vehicles in the overflow parking lot or storage area. An exception will be made for Holiday Weekends allowing for 3 vehicles per site.
  • Campsite is to be left clean before leaving. Put trash in dumpsters. Do not leave trash in fire pits.
  • In the event of an emergency, Timberlake Resort has the authority to move equipment, vehicles, and belongings of members without liability or notice.
  • Timberlake Resort may prohibit fires when a fire hazard exists or is put into force by the DNR or State Police. Should an extreme fire hazard occur, the campground can be ordered closed and all members and guests shall comply with the order to vacate.
  • NO “cutting across” campsites of others is allowed by foot, golf cart, bicycle, or other vehicle. Your children or guest will be confined to your campsite or asked to leave for this violation.
  • Members are allowed to stay for the number of continuous days stated in the contract and must vacate for seven (7) days before returning. When a member’s camping unit is to be unoccupied for more than a 24 hour period, it must be removed from the campsite, unless you have seasonal privileges. For each day past that you are absent, the regular non-membership daily fee will be charged to the member. (Contact Office for current camping fees).
  • All tents must be taken down and put away when not occupied for more than 24 hours.
  • Members are solely responsible to secure objects in the camping unit to prevent damage when the RV is to be moved by Timberlake Resort Staff. Resort Staff are not allowed to enter members camping unit unless member is present and neither Timberlake Resort nor Staff is responsible for damage inside camping unit.
  • Members are responsible for providing all insurance for their camping unit. A current license tag is required by law.
  • Discharge of sewage onto the ground or in an unapproved container is grounds for revocation of membership and /or seasonal site privileges or both and immediate expulsion from Timberlake Resort.
  • Use only designated access areas to the beach. Feet and golf carts are the only vehicles allowed.
  • Each campsite has its individual 30 / 50 amp breaker and receptacle for your camping needs. This is the only electrical hook-up allowed at Timberlake Resort and therefore, any and all other electrical hook-ups are in violation of the State of Michigan approved permit. ANY hook-up which by-passes the breaker is in violation of State law. Electrical hook-up for the site is to be used exclusively for that site number assigned.
  • Any and all facilities used by members, their families and guests are at their own risk. Timberlake Resort is not responsible for loss or damage to any property or injury of members or guests.
  • Minors are strictly prohibited from consuming any alcoholic beverage while at Timberlake Resort. Illegal use of drugs by anyone will not be tolerated. Any person or persons using illegal substances will be reported and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  • Foul language can be offensive, so watch both mouth and manners.
  • Bicycles are allowed on all roadways. They are not allowed on foot paths or the path to the beach. Bicycles riders may not ride across other campsites or grass areas and must use entrance and exits the same as other vehicles for safety reasons. Bicycles must obey all STOP signs. Riders who cannot ride in a responsible manner will lose the privilege of riding on campground property. Headlight and rear reflector is required if riding after dark.
  • Bug lights will be allowed only if they are turned off during daylight hours and in the evening if you are absent from the site or when you retire for the evening.
  • Only one (1) unit of outside lighting is allowed. Low voltage marker lights are not allowed for reasons of liability. Outside lighting is restricted to recreational vehicle, patio, or deck unless solar powered. No excessive lighting will be permitted.
  • The camping unit’s electrical cord must reach the electrical hook-up for that site. No extension cords are allowed for this purpose. Camping unit must be moved to be in compliance.

Seasonal Sites

  • At all times the site must be kept in a neat and orderly manner. The storing of boxes, barrels, excess vehicles (no more than one in addition to the vehicle you drove in), tires or any items no usual and necessary to the camping area, must be kept in approved building (barn/shed) or must be taken home or put in storage. Notice to comply will be sent and there will be fourteen (14) days to remedy the situation. If not resolved, revocation of seasonal site privilege will follow and you will have seven (7) days to vacate the site.
  • No structure may be built or placed on a campsite except those approved by Timberlake Resort. No storage building may consist of more than one hundred (100) square feet (10′ X 10′). Buildings must be of wood with a barn roof. Sidewalls may not be more than five (5) feet from floor to eave. Buildings may not be higher than nine (9) feet from floor to peak. All others will not be allowed.
  • Nothing is to be stored in back of, along side of, or against storage building. It harbors rodents, insects, snakes, and bees. Failure to keep the area clean will result in a notice to comply. If not remedied, revocation of seasonal site privileges will follow in seven (7) days and site must be vacated.
  • All tip outs, slide outs, porch, screen or glass enclosures, decks screen houses, sheds, seepage pits, walks, patios, trees, retaining walls and any other construction must be in accordance with all Township, County, State and Timberlake regulations.
  • If you do not camp during the winter months or if unit is not going to be used for 30 days or more, it must be unplugged from the electrical hook-up.
  • Camping units must be an approved RV and titled as such. Where applicable it must bear the RVDA tag
  • Any underground water line is to be approved material bearing the seal (N.S.F) and a maximum pressure rating of 100 PSI. NO garden hosed is permitted underground. NO electrical lines of any type may be buried. This includes extension cords. Any line found will be disconnected and removed.
  • SEWAGE DISPOSAL ON SITE IS PROHIBITED! All units must use a commercially produced vinyl/plastic holding tank. A porta potty may not be emptied in any restroom. They must be emptied at the dump station. Pump out service is available at current rate. (Please check with Office for current rate). A schedule for pumping will be posted at the office and you must sign up for the service by 10 AM on pump days unless attached to a portable holding tank. YOUR SEWER OUTLET MUST BE CAPPED. Anyone disposing of sewage on any campsite will lose all membership rights and seasonal privileges and must leave the property.
  • It is up to the member to make black water valve accessible for pump out service. If it is not, due to items in the way or crossing campsites of others, the unit will not be pumped. Timberlake Resort is not responsible for damage to caps, valves, or handles to member’s RV.
  • No livestock may be kept at the site at any time.
  • Renting, leasing, sub-letting or any commercialization of a seasonal site, whether for financial gain or favor or friendship reasons is not allowed and those persons who attempt use of a site will not be allowed access to Timberlake Resort.
  • Timberlake Resort has the right to require that an unsightly campsite be cleaned up and maintained in an acceptable condition. Failure to comply within fourteen (14) days of written notice to do so will result in Timberlake Resort making necessary correction at the current clean-up rate (check with Office for current rates) or a non renewal of seasonal site or both.
  • Awnings may not exceed the height or length or camping unit.
  • No wood, aluminum or fiberglass awnings are allowed.
  • The awning must meet State code for wind shear and snow load.
  • Deck framing must be constructed heavy enough to sustain one hundred (100) pounds per square foot.
  • Decks must be of finished quality and be no more than 220 square feet.
  • All decks must be approved before they will be allowed to be built. Make a simple drawing of shape, size, materials to be used and placement on site in regards to camping unit. This must be done before approval can be obtained. If done without approval, you may be required to dismantle the structure. No pallets are allowed to be used.
  • Only commercially produced screen shelters with canvas or vinyl tops are permitted. No others will be allowed. Approval must be obtained before placing screen structure on site.
  • No wood construction of any kind is permitted above the deck other than the railing without the request being in writing and to include a diagram.
  • Any filling, landscaping, or changing of seasonal site for any reason must have permission from Timberlake management. Any permanent retaining walls, shrubs, fences, cement slabs, or cement patios become the property of Timberlake Resort upon vacating the site. All requests changes must be in writing along with a drawing and complete explanation of changes. If permission is obtained, all changes will be the site occupant’s expense and responsibility.
  • Fences must be approved by Timberlake Management.
  • NO blue or bright green vinyl tarps are allowed. Only brown, camouflage, or grey may be used. All others must be removed. No other covering material is allowed and must be removed. Timberlake Resort cannot be held responsible for items under non- approved covering.
  • Woodpiles may not be covered with any covering. Stacks of old pallets or boards are not allowed. They must be taken apart and/or cut and stacked or removed from campsite.
  • Timberlake Resort electrical pedestals deliver 30 amp service and are the property of Timberlake Resort. Any attempt to move, turn, or change them in any way will not be tolerated. Anyone attempting to do so will be denied use of campsite.
  • If the number of people on a Seasonal Site requires an additional site then a fee will be charged for the extra site at the current guest rate. Check with the Office for the current guest rate.
  • After giving up your seasonal lot and moving off: The lot must be cleaned up & everything removed. (shed, deck, patio blocks, yard decorations, trash & junk, etc.) it must be left ready for a new seasonal to move on. If we have to move things off & clean it up, there will be a $500 charge.
  • Patio blocks are allowed to be incorporated on your site up to 200 ft. You must submit a diagram and plans to Management prior to placing of the patio blocks.

Storage Area

  • Members are given use of the Timberlake storage as per their contract and that member is in good standing and actively using the item in storage. Long term storage without being active is prohibited. Members may keep one (1) object in storage at no charge. This means either one camping unit, one boat, or other approved vehicle. If more than one thing is in storage there will be a charge for the extra storage (check with Office for current storage rates)
  • Each unit put in storage must have a visible sign that can be easily seen from the outside and to include member’s name and member number.
  • Storage of junk cars, boats, camping units, etc. will be removed at owner’s expense and storing privileges will be revoked.
  • Storage area is for members ONLY. Children, friends, or guest storage is prohibited. Member will be charged the current storage fees for storing non-member objects in storage area. (Please see Office for current storage rates).

Golf Carts

  • All golf carts must be registered at the Timberlake Office. A annual fee of $10 per cart will be charged annually. The site number must be on both sides of the golf cart in 3″ to 6″ size numbers.
  • Proof of insurance on the golf cart must be on file ANNUALLY with the Timberlake Office. Annual golf cart registration fee is due annually. Check with office on current fee
  • No racing exhaust allowed, all golf carts must have a muffler for noise purposes.
  • Only two (2) golf carts per site are permitted.
  • Guests CANNOT bring in golf carts.
  • Golf carts must follow the same traffic pattern and rules as other vehicles. They are not allowed on foot paths, on grass areas, or allowed to cut across any party of other members’ campsites. They must stop at all STOP signs and be operated in a responsible manner. Members, children, or guest will lose driving privileges for excessive speed or reckless use of gold carts. YOU MUST BE 16 YEARS OF AGE AND POSSESS A VALID DRIVERS LICENSE TO OPERATE A GOLF CART ON TIMBERLAKE PROPERTY.
  • GOLF CARTS must yield to all other traffic. When entering or exiting thru gates, DO NOT pass thru at the same time another vehicle is exiting or entering, this will cause the gate to come down, causing damage or injury. This applies to both gates and both ways. There are signs on both sides of the gates indicating this rule. Golf carts must always yield to all other traffic.
  • Golf cart access to the beach shall be via the south path. NO GOLF CARTS ALLOWED ON RIDGE ROAD!
  • No new trails are to be made on Timberlake property.
  • Members and guest may not drive on neighboring property or public roadways, this includes state land. Golf carts must stay on Timberlake property.
  • Violation of these rules may result in the following:
    • 1st. Loss of golf cart privileges for 30 days
    • 2nd. Loss of golf cart privileges for the season
    • 3rd. Loss of golf cart privileges permanently

Pool Rules

    • 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. for everyone.
    • 9 p.m. – 10 p.m. for adults only (ages 18 and older)
  • NO ONE under the age of 13 may use the pool without adult supervision. Adult supervision is someone 18 years of age or older.
  • NO diving or running allowed in pool area.
  • Animals are NEVER allowed in pool area.
  • Glass containers are NOT allowed in pool area.
  • Life rings and rescue life poles will be used in an EMERGENCY ONLY!
  • Members are responsible for their children and guests behavior in the pool area.
  • When pool is closed, anyone caught sneaking in and swimming will lose pool privileges.
  • Violation of any of these rules may result in losing your pool privileges for the season