2021 Timberlake Annual Member Meeting


May 15,2021

Tammy Longcore opened the meeting with a greeting to members.   Staff introductions were made.   Tammy introduced the work campers for this season.

Mel stressed how important safety is and he will be enforcing the rules heavily this year.  The 5-mph speed limit will be strictly enforced.  Please be aware of the new STOP signs at the Park entrance.  You will be warned one time.   If member continues to exceed the 5 mph, the member may be asked to park their vehicle outside the gates and walk into the park. 

Medical Emergency

We would like to update the CPR/AED list so please see Jean after the meeting.

If an emergency, please have someone stay with the patient, call 911, send someone to the gate to escort EMS.  

To prevent fire emergencies, do not burn leaves or trash on Timberlake property.   Fires can only be lit in an approved campfire ring.

During severe weather, the staff will attempt to warn members if there is a tornado watch.   If it becomes a tornado warning, seek shelter immediately.   Shelter at the clubhouse or the basement of the Office. 

The PODS bathrooms are being trashed, that will not be tolerated in the future.   Treat the facilities with respect.   If the disrespect continues, the PODS will be locked up and porta johns will be brought in.  

All the PODS will be opened this weekend.

Pool – inappropriate behavior in the pool caused the pool liner to be ripped.   We are having to replace the liner.  There has been a delay in the pool liner installation.  We will know more on Monday, May 17th and are still hoping for pool to be open for Memorial Day.   The hot tub is being worked on and hope to have it open very soon.  

Having glass containers in the pool or hot tub area will NOT be tolerated.  If you are caught with a glass container, you will be asked to leave and will lose your pool privileges for the remaining season. 

Under aged children MUST be supervised at the pool.

Just a reminder, the hot tub is ADULTS ONLY.

We love our Timberlake kids and love having them enjoy the park.   The kids cannot be riding thru empty lots, they must stay on the roads.   No bike jump ramps will be allowed. 

Please teach your kids to pull over to the side if a golf cart or vehicle is approaching.   In addition, golf carts must pull over to the side if a larger vehicle is approaching. 

Guests – It is the members responsibility to inform their guests of the Timberlake Rules.  Guests MUST abide by the rules or they will get asked to leave.   KNOW THE RULES!!

The Office will begin being open 7 days a week.   Please pre-register your guests so the necessary procedures can be accomplished in a timely manner.   If the guest is here for the first time, a Hold Harmless Agreement must be completed and signed prior to the guest coming through the gate. 

Mel emphasized the need for every member upon their arrival must sign in at the Office.   This is in case of an emergency.   Using the gate log is not adequate especially if we loose power.   Sign in sheets will not be placed outside the office.

If members have grandkids here to visit, remember they must be put on the back of the Hold Harmless Agreement. 

If you have a surprise guest show up, they can only come in if the Office is open.   No exceptions. 

Please pre-register your guests with the Office.  

The Office opens at 10 am every day.   We are usually in the Office earlier and that is to prepare for the day.   Do not knock on the doors prior to 10 AM.

Covid procedure:  If you are fully vaccinated you do not have to wear a mask while indoors but if you are not vaccinated, you must wear a mask indoors.  We know MIOSHA and the Oceana Health Department are making surprise visits to businesses and if this practice is not followed, they can shut Timberlake down.

If making payments via a check, please do not staple the check to your invoice.   The bank is having trouble with checks if they have been stapled.   And if we need to return a phone call to you, please make sure you have room in your voice mail so we can leave you a message.  

Overnight guests must leave by 11 am the next day or will be charged day guest fees.  

If guests are getting a camping lot or rental, that allows for 2 adults and minor children.

Holiday weekends are going to be very busy.   If we are getting limited in available lots, members will take preference over guest lots. 

Please clean up after your dog!!!   

Please email us with your guest information so we can get them pre-registered.

Mel announced that we will offer a season long honey wagon service for a fee of $185.  You will be automatically pumped out once a week from Memorial Day thru Labor Day.

We will be picking up leaves one more time.  When cleaning your lot of leaves, please put the leaves by the road, do not blow them into a neighboring lot.

A new rule for seasonals is they are allowed up to four items on their lots.  The four items can be a deck, a shed(s), car canopy, gazebo, patio stone/rock, dog kennel.   Current seasonal’s items will be grandfathered.

We have a new guest overflow parking.   Please inform your guests that if they bring in a trailer with a dune toy, it must be parked in the guest overflow parking for a fee of $15 per night.

Tim and Tammy announced that the sale of Timberlake was moving forward.   They are under contract to sell to a couple, Joe and Arlene from Texas.   Tim and Tammy will stay on as consultants.  Assured the members that they will really like the new owners and said they would be here to visit and meet everyone this summer.  The agreement was that the Joe and Arlene will buy the campground and the beach.  The 170 acres will be leased back to them for use as golf cart trails.   Tim and Tammy expect the closing to be around Nov. 1st.  

We will resume some activities this year.   Asking members to recommend their favorite types of music to be played at the dances.  We are looking for volunteers to help DJ at the dances.