2019 Annual Member Meeting Minutes

Tim and Tammy Longcore opened the meeting at 11 am with a greeting to all members present.
Staff was introduced along with the Activity Directors. Also introduced several new seasonal members.
Told Members to pick up Hold Harmless Forms if they had not filled one out yet. We provided an Activity List for the season, as well as announcing the upcoming Movie Nights.
Mel took the floor and informed members of final leaf pickup to take place on May 6th.
Wood orders would be one size and will be priced at $30 per load. Armloads of wood still available at the Office.
The modular bathroom doors are being left open and the lights are drawing bugs. Please make sure the door is fully latched when you leave.
Mel emphasized the need to watch your speed when traveling thru the Park. Safety is the utmost priority. Make sure when driving vehicles or golf carts that you are watching for kids. Golf carts and kids do not follow directional signs on the roads thru out Timberlake. Vehicles must follow directional signs within the Park.
Mel made a point that all Members MUST sign in when entering the Park. If the Office is closed when you arrive, please attempt to get to the Office the next morning. It is imperative that we have a list of who is on site at any given time in case we need to evacuate the park or severe weather conditions. If severe weather, Staff will attempt to alert on-site members to take shelter at the Clubhouse or the Office. Management will look into some type of alert system for the park.
In case of a medical emergency, please stay calm and remain on the line with 911 Dispatch. Ask for someone to go to the gate to escort the first responders to the correct lot.

Tammy and Tim introduced Karen Longcore and let the Members know that Karen was “officially” retired. Karen will continue to attend activities and visit with Members.

Rule Changes for 2019:
1. Once a guest is registered, you will not be allowed to make the guest changes for overnight visitors.
2. Members can leave their trailer unoccupied for 48 hours during their contiguous stay.
3. Barns with regular trussed roofs are now allowed. Barns can have vinyl siding.
A member asked the Longcores to consider allowing more than 8 guests for overnight stays.

An ‘adult’ only hot tub is going to be scheduled for installation. We anticipate an installation around August or September.

Improvement Goals
Paving the “C” section road
Playground to be moved and expanded

Tim explained to the Members the importance of paying membership and seasonal dues. Improvements can only be accomplished if members pay their dues owed. Tens of thousands of dollars are still owed for 2018. If he member is behind more than 2 months, the member must make payment arrangements or their gate card may be shut off.

Tim also addressed a new Policy regarding marijuana smoking in the Park. Marijuana CANNOT be smoked anywhere other then in the member trailer. Smoking in public is not allowed.

The Management will be looking into a method for members to sign in after office business hours. Stay tuned!

No guests will be allowed into the Park once the Office is closed unless they are PRE-REGISTERED.

We will be offering full summer season pump outs this year. Pump outs will be done weekly from Memorial Day till Labor Day. Price is $180 for the season.

If you would like Timberlake to mow the grass on your lot, the service is available for a $50 fee.

All Hold Harmless Agreements and Golf Cart Registrations must be completed by Memorial Day

The meeting was opened to the Members, these are the subjects discussed:
Member wanted to know if any lots were being upgraded to 50-amp 231-225-8737service, and the Management said no plans to upgrade at this time.
Sand on the road in front of 200 lots has become a problem for kids riding bikes. Management will take this under advisement.
Member asked about Internet in the Park. Tammy explained that we had a study done and the price to put up a tower was extremely expensive so other options will need to be explored.
Our Timberlake beach is limited this year due to the water level. Longcores are checking with the DNR for options.
Members are appreciative of all the improvements the Longcores have done.
Member mentioned that we should have some type of marking for Seasonal Lot members that are CPR/AED trained.